When you purchase my songs through e-junkie, you will receive them in an email with a link to download them.  For those of you with Apple devices, you already know the roadblocks to downloading music that isn’t directly from the iStore. I would recommend downloading the songs onto your pc or laptop first, then transferring them to your iDevice from there if you choose to. Also note that your purchase comes from my management, Rick Vaznis.  By buying direct this way, you are supporting me as an independent artist, and I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate that.



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Patriot Nation

A rock anthem dedicated to the New England Patriots and their fans!!

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Let’s Get Back To Rock

This is a rockin’ anthem about the 80’s hairband era… one of the greatest and most fun times… EVER!

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But It’s Alright

This is an emotional song about the despair of losing or never finding your soul mate.

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Round And Round We Go

A cool little hard rock groove that’s all about rewriting history.  “When the worst times were the best times… were the best you ever had.”

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Cowgirl Nation

A romp and stomp kinda tune. This is all about the sexy lookin’ cowgirls in the world! Whether you’re from the south or just wannabe a beautiful cowgirl for the night… this song is a tribute to all of you girls out there!

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Rage On!

This fast tempo track is about telling it like it is… no matter what the outcome may be.

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An “Alice In Chains” sounding chorus… with a sarcastic tone… no hidden meaning here.

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The Ocean

This is an instrumental about peace and serenity that the ocean brings when one is in deep thought.

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