So what can I tell you about myself?  I’m just a regular guy who grew-up in the mill towns of Northern New England. I’ve never been on an airplane.  I don’t much care for fancy restaurants.  I’ve only worn a suit a couple of times in my life — by force.  I love Christmas, football, and frozen pizza.  And If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s phony people.

I’m a rocker from way back — if you consider the 1970’s and 80’s “way back”.   When I was 13, I asked my parents for a drum set.  They said no.  So I went out and got a job delivering newspapers until I saved enough money to buy my own.  They were so proud!  Oh yeah, did I mention that I can be a real sarcastic son-of-a-gun when I want to be?  Anyway, I picked up the guitar when I was 16.  A few years later, someone asked me to join their band as a bass player, and I spent the next several years touring with various bands in that role.

At some point, it occurred to me that I could be my own band.  That’s when I started writing and recording my own stuff.  I always have a riff, melody or beat going through my head.  And when it comes to lyrics… well… let’s just say my life has given me plenty to write about (that’s another story for another time).

Some of my songs are irreverent.  Some have a deeper message.  But mostly, they’re meant to be fun — the kind of tune you crank-up when you’re driving down the highway and sing along with at the top of your lungs.  That’s where I get my motto LIVE LIFE LOUDLY!

Thanks for finding your way to my site.  And as I say in one of my songs…

Let’s Get Back to Rock!